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bring the ruckus [Sep. 1st, 2004|11:51 am]
[status: |mellowmellow]
[rockin: |technical itch - rukus]

I am bored.
..waiting for Alissa to show up..and take knife hits with me. Got a new car..or when they wrote my parking ticket they called it a SUV, a black Scion xB..you know those little hotbox cars that people stare at for 10 minutes and just STARE. I tried to goto best buy to get all my car audio installed and they want to charge me 200 bucks for it..I know like 39484585686 asians that will do it for 20 bucks and a bowl hehehe. Nocturnal is coming up this Saturday at the Orange Show..the best line up Ive seen in a long time:

SUNKEN GARDEN:: - Presented By Bassrush
Andy C <3
Diesel Boy eh
Goldie <3<3<3<3<3<3
Total Science <3
DJ Craze <3<3<3
Raw <3
MC J Messinian
MC Armanni
MC Dino

THE LABYRINTH:: - Presented By Insomniac
Rabbit In The Moon <3
Paul Oakenfold <3
Sandra Collins
Donald Glaude
DJ Monk
DJ Irene

ALICE'S HOUSE:: - Presented By Melodic
Junior Sanchez
Doc Martin
Jason Bentley

THE UPSIDEDOWN ROOM:: - Presented By Phenomental Music & Dragon Lounge
DJ Icey
DJ Hyper
Simply Jeff
John Kelley
DJ Mizota

MADHATTER'S CASTLE:: - Presented By Rock The Bells & Guerilla Union
Beatnuts <3
Souls of Mischief <3<3<3
Supernatural <3
Abstract Rude
DJ Craze
Self Scientific
Phil Da Agony !!
DJ Mark Luv
DJ Abel

CHESS VILLAGE:: - Presented By H2OH
Omar Santana
DJ Sonik 2x4 Chris Kozmik
Odjay Abel
Mike H. 2x4 Dope-Eric
DJ Cik
DJ Mayhem

Let's see..
Medulla came out yesterday..its pretty good..a lot slower though but I will rock it.
I went to Roscoes chicken and waffles with everyone at work last night. I LOVE ME SOME CHICKEN!
I still dont make much as a shift. I work less though on shifts which is fun I guess..and I can take my own breaks and do what I want.
Need more money...somehow..
Me and Andy's one year anniversary is in 9 days. Oh boy.
And I turn 21 in a month in 9 days..woot! CANT WAIT@#$@ fuck vegas! I think im going to try to goto mardi gras next feb instead.

ok, fun times.

Oh and http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=746917&Mytoken=20040901113313