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junglist for life [Jul. 12th, 2004|04:12 am]
[status: |mellowmellow]
[rockin: |Ill skillz be there 4 U]

We scored some absinthe..fun times I guess
Not as cool as I imagined it (no hallucinating or anything) but yea its fun.
Ive been a good girl..I stopped my speed addiction that I secretly had and no one knew about..now I just smoke pot and once in awhile eat some greasy nummy mushrooms. I dont even do e anymore(well at edc I did)..I find that after you try everything..it gets boring and you realize how stupid you are for doing it. I met so many speedfreaks that told me they did it to lose weight or for the rush. Well shit..go excercise fatass or go drive 150 a mile on the freeway for a rush. Yea, coachella was fun..kraftwerk (who we really came to see) was the shit..especially when they brought the robots out. Robots are my favorite. The crystal method fucking ripped it..so did radiohead. We mostly stayed in the raver tent though..it was the coolest..fucking hot..103 something degrees. Electric daisy carnival was fun too I guess..me, andy, ed and ishmael snuck weed in our shoes and red bulls in our pockets. Mel met felix da housecat which was neat. Nothing like smoking joints and listening to some house. The jungle line up wasnt that great.. same ol same ol dieselboy, ak1200 and dara..they play to much. Nocturnal wonderland is in september..rabbit in the moon, paul oakenfold and andy c. Andy C is pretty dope..and he isnt dieselboy for once..so we will be there. Security is brutal though..george bush fucking up the system..again. we are all making a trip to vegas in august for defcon as well. Last year was a blast..first time I ever did coke..probably one of the last time..I hate the feeling of it. BUt the parties and people you meet are fun and you learn a lot. I think I will bring my absinthe bottle..its our baby now haha.Yea so thats pretty much it..I goto work, goto my boyfriends and then goto parties. My mom says I play to much..but I dont think I do. My subs turned off yesterda b/c of the stupid wiring..sadness..but im getting my new cd player that folds out like 4 times and is crazy on friday. I wish I had some weed. its 4:20 dammit. We got a new pipe, its made of pyrex and it wont break..you can slam that shit on the ground and it doesnt do anything..its fun hehe. I wish we could do that to the bong. oh yea unknowndisk.org ..my boyfriends radio shoutcast..he plays his own music sometimes on there. We got the chris cunningham dvd from bem..im excited to burn it. He is a genius..absolute genius..to bad people cant understand experimental music or videos. I think I saw this guy zuri I "hung out" with in San diego at squarepusher in L.A about 3 months ago. I was to high to say hi..but it was odd if it was really high. Squarepusher is good live..now why wont aphex come..=( Anyways yes, my ranting crazy live journal..fun times. I want to move to london, please take me.I find it humorous that in san diego I was a worthless piece of crap..that pretended to have friends. I hung out with people who seemed to hate me but I needed them and tried to fit in. I just wanted them to hang out with me. Funny how really no one seems I am gone. I am really glad I moved here b/c its real. Life is real, no fake bullshit. I never wanted to move..and I hated it but now I realize what if I didnt move? what if I lived that fucking life..I never got to be myself. I kept everything secret..all the music I really liked..the curiousity of drugs and weird experimental things..my fanasticsm for computers..and the need for something else..I guess I have it now. haha im just high

From: lateda
2004-07-12 07:41 am (UTC)
Good to see ya post again.
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[User Picture]From: osby
2004-07-12 12:32 pm (UTC)

I'm happy 4 U... I'm glad things in your life seem 2 B turning around right now... remember it's important 2 B strong... Love U Maggy!
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[User Picture]From: iwontstop
2004-07-15 04:06 pm (UTC)
i love you
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